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Obsidian Mobile version: v1.1.0

Hi. Are the Obsidian mobile app not complete, or am I using it wrong? In the iOS app, I only get option to create a new vault, or go to info page, which says it is a legacy page. No login option, no connect to existing vault option. I was hoping to be able to log in to a vault created on Obsidian Sync to be able to work on it on my phone in addition to the desktop.

The links in that page explain how to setup Sync.

You have to setup an empty vault, after which you can connect it to an existing vault via Sync. I guess this is because Obsidian’s settings only exist within vaults.

I tried clicking around, it opened several frames that I had to scroll in a strange way, but I did not find any instructions for connecting on iPhone. And since there is no other choice than to create a new vault in that app, I don’t understand what to do.

Try clicking the links on the help site twice. The first click opens a preview, which is confusing. Also it turns out you have to then click another link to reach the page you want, which is Set up Obsidian Sync. (I think this is worth a bug report if one doesn’t already exist. I don’t have time right now, but if you find or create one, please tag me.)

Sorry if I totally misunderstand something here. But the site you refer to, lists how to create a vault and sync it with Obsidian Sync. I did that on my laptop. Then, the only information about how to get access to that vault and work on the files in the mobile Obsidian app on the phone, is this page: Sync your notes across devices
That only explains how to work on vaults saved on iCloud, and a link lists Obsidian Sync as an option to sync across devices, but that just links to this page, that has no info on how to get access to the Obsidian Sync vault on the iPhone app:
Introduction to Obsidian Sync

What am I missing here?

I’m sorry, you’re right. But the process is nearly the same on mobile — you just have to create a new vault before you can follow the other steps (you don’t have to use the same name as the one you want to sync, but it’s a good idea to reduce confusion).

On every device that you want to sync to, you connect an empty vault to Sync. Sync copies the existing remote vault into it, then keeps all the copies in sync.

Ok, now I got the vault synced on the phone. I would suggest renaming the “Create new vault” button or make a separate onboarding process for syncing to an existing vault, but that’s just my opinion.

However, now a new problem occurred. After syncing on the phone, making changes to the files on the mac gives an error message every time, like this:
Screenshot 2022-03-08 at 08.43.27

When I open a file in the mobile app and edit it, the changes is synced and visible on the mac after a few seconds. But if I then try to edit the file on the mac, the error message appear, and the changes done on the mac is not visible on the phone.

After looking at the sync log, I see it might be a sync conflict of some kind because the mac files is synced from Google Drive (where I have synced the vault until now that I am trying out Obsidian Sync).

The file listed in that error message (a gdoc-file) is not open anywhere on any device, but I guess it might not be present on the mac drive unless I actually try to access it, so I guess having Google Drive sync and Obsidian Sync on the same set of files is not a good idea. Even if it is a little strange that I cannot sync this file because of some socket problems with a totally different file.

I agree, the setup is confusing, especially with the recent change in the docs. I think it’s worth filing a bug report about the missing documentation (and the general confusingness, tho there may already be one about that).

Using 2 sync services on a vault can cause problems. Usually that’s either because of what you suggested — that the local files are only placeholders — or because the sync service and Sync race and revert each other’s changes. I’m not sure what’s going on in your case. If you don’t see anything relevant on the forum, I’d open a new thread with a title specific to the problem.

I exported the files from Google Drive to a separate local folder (outside Drive) and created a Obsidian Sync vault on them, then syncing between the desktop and mobile works flawlessly. Thanks!

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Oh, good! It’s much nicer when it works. :slight_smile:

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