[Question] Encrypted-at-rest mobile vault possibility?


[ ] iOS
[x] Android

There are currently no ways to password protect (or otherwise store encrypted-at-rest) files that could then be edited using the Obsidian mobile app, right?

Cryptomator does this very nicely for me on Windows, but none of the Android offerings I’ve seen for similar services will decrypt files to a location where the Obsidian app can find them (currently only Internal > Documents > Obsidian afaik). They only let you view/edit the “unlocked” files within their own apps.

While - correct me if I’m wrong - Obsidian Sync or alternatives like Syncthing only encrypt files in transit and store them plain-text on the device. (Which makes sense as a default setting for Obsidian given the variety of use cases people are interested in having it for.)

I’d be interested to hear of any other options or solutions for this. I know it’s something others are interested in too (although not all the community). Is it ever likely to be possible?

(Not really a feature request, as it’s more of a selling point of Obsidian to be compatible with things like this than to be something like this… but I wouldn’t say no!)


At the moment, there is no encryption-at-rest functionality built into Obsidian, but IIRC most modern mobile devices offers an option for full disk encryption that might fit your security needs. It’s not totally foolproof since the OS maker has to make sure to properly enforce the security options, but it’s one option out there to consider.

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