Question: Does anyone know how well Obsidian exports to Mem.Ai

Export Obsidian Vault to

I just want to know, before I invest significant time and energy into Obsidian, if the way it exports itself in Markdown is able to be read close to glitch-free when being imported to
I’ve been using mem and am tired of dealing with the buggy-ness, but some day might want to import my notes back if they get their stuff together. Obsidian says very loudly that its data is easy to export and use anywhere, I want to know if that’s true for exports into Mem. If so, then I’m thinking I’ll switch to Obsidian for the time being. Maybe I’ll stay with it, if their AI integration ends up as robust. But if it’s just one more application that I’m spreading my notes out into, without an easy way to move it back, I don’t know that I want to do that.

I’ve searched for answers to this but there aren’t any on the web, so far as I can find. I don’t have big bunch of notes in obsidian yet, so I can’t test how they fit when stuffed into Mem.

Thanks in advance for any help!

I tried searching for several variations of “import from obsidian to” and only found one that was to obsidian.

Obsidian doesn’t export to Markdown — it works directly with Markdown files. You can check the formatting documentation at Home - Obsidian Help against what your target app accepts. This page gives guidance on compatibility: Obsidian Flavored Markdown - Obsidian Help and this one explains how Obsidian stores data: How Obsidian stores data - Obsidian Help

That doesn’t mean the Markdown syntax Obsidian uses will be compatible in all other apps. That would be up to each app. But it means the data is just simple and stored on your filesystem as simple text files, rather than in some proprietary database format. So even if you were trying to get it into another app, it might only take a few simple batch edits to change the syntax a bit.

I have no idea about Mem, I just wanted to make sure that was clear.

I don’t have big bunch of notes in obsidian yet

Maybe you could use the Sandbox vault to test. It has a bit of structure, links, etc.

Thank you both! Where do I find this “sandbox vault” to try this out?

On desktop in the help menu that’s in the ribbon (the left edge of the app). It doesn’t exist on mobile.

Then when you open it, you can select any note, and run the command “Reveal in Finder” in MacOS or “Reveal in Explorer” (I think) in Windows, to find where the Sandbox vault folder is stored, and copy it somewhere else. Otherwise, it is just temporarily stored in the app settings.

Did you play around with it? How did it go? I came here to ask exactly the same :smiley:

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