Question About Translucent Window On Linux

Hey! I love Translucent Window effect in dark mode.

I tested this on a mac, and it looks great. unfortunatly I use Manjaro Linux as my main machine and it was a downer to see Translucent Window doesn’t work on Linux.

I’m on version 0.9.1

I believe I saw somewhere in the forum a disccussion about it, but I couldn’t find it, so feel free to redirect me to it if you know where I can read more about it.

My Main Questions Are

Is translucent window possible in Linux in future releases? (or is it just not doable)

Are there any workaround solutions or ways to replicate this functionality somehow for Linux?

Thank you for your time!

It is a Linux problem, sadly. I don’t think the Obsidian devs can do anything about it.

Linux users (@cotemaxime? @argentum?) will have to comment on whether any workaround is possible. That said, I think we would’ve seen it here already if something existed!

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No workarounds that I know of. I’m not sure about the technical limitations but supporting this for Linux may require distro-specific implementations, maybe even compositor-dependent.


Thanks for the reply @ryanjamurphy and @argentum That’s a shame, I’ll keep an eye for this, hopefully there will be some workaround.

I’m aware of a way to lower the opacity of programs in Arch Linux (for instance emacs) but since it’s just a workaround it lowers the opacity of everything including the text, which is less than ideal. And it doesn’t produce the same blurry effect that obsidian has.

Thanks guys! I appreciate your time

AS I know Obsidian works on Electron? Then, it can have transparent background window on linux) Because I not long time ago tested it.