Question about synching desktop and mobile using syncthing

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What I’m trying to do

so i want to use syncthing to sync between mobile and desktop and have a few question

  1. can i open syncthing and obsidian on both mobile and desktop version? example im at home i have obsidian opened and syncthing open and i edit some stuff then later on i went to toilet then switch to obsidian mobile then continue editing. will there be conflict abound especially on the .obsidian folder where i don’t usually check? should i even be synching the .obsidian folder?
  2. what are good practice to do or dos and dont when doing this with syncthing?
  3. are there plans for incorporating local server? I know we can host a git server but i also have like images and videos and audios that i wanna sync to my notes.
  4. how friendly is obsidian with encryption?
  5. how friendly is obsidian mobile when dealing with external storage like microsd cards.
  6. currently what cloud does obsidian support and will there be support in future?

I’m using syncthing for quite some time to sync between Obsidian Desktop and Obsidian Mobile and it works fine. And yes you need to ignore .obsidian folder

  1. Syncthing is available for these platforms (Syncthing | Downloads) and is available on both Android and (I’m pretty sure) iOS. Have the app downloaded on both devices and make sure both devices are able to send files between each other (I think I used this tutorial: Configuring SyncThing Untrusted (Encrypted) Devices - YouTube). Once you can share, then you’ll be able to edit on the toilet all you want.

For conflicts, if you edit the same file when both devices aren’t syncing, you’ll get a new file called something like “sync.conflict_note_name_that_has_problems”. You can use a text comparison tool to see what’s different.

for the .obsidian folder, I ignore it (under the folder in question, click edit (bottom right), and there will be a tab for “ignore patterns”).

Can’t help with the other questions, best of luck to you. In my experience it’s been a great tool to use, I’d recommend donating if you’ve got the means to.

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