Question about Obsidian Sync

I am not too clear about how the upcoming Sync addon will work. Here’s how I currently use Obsidian:
I have it set up on my Windows and MacBook. On my iPhone and iPad I use 1Writer. I store my vault in Box and use WebDAV to sync with 1Writer.

Questions: Will the upcoming Sync service sync between different devices without needing a cloud storage as go-between? What about mobile (1W or any other app)?


I’m imagining for now it would sync across computer devices if you have an account, but not mobile devices yet since there’s no mobile version of Obsidian…yet! I’m praying it comes out sometime next year.

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I hope so too. 1W works but an official app would be great!

Right now it will work between multiple desktop Obsidian instances, as we don’t have a mobile app yet.

Once a mobile app is available, we expect the app to work with both Obsidian Sync or a local folder on your phone storage.


Can you talk more about how you guys handle privacy of the data?

Anything specific? These should help:

Also Obsidian Sync is always end-to-end encrypted, in case that helps.


Hi Silver, read the Help and some forum posts but still kinda confused about Obsidian’s sync.

To confirm:
Currently, the paid Obsidian Sync service will sync my .md files across multiple non-phone devices, so if I’m using a W10 desktop + Macbook, and my files are all stored locally on my W10 desktop, I can view/edit my files on both computers once I get the sync up and running.

However, to view/edit my .md files on my iphone or ipad, I will have to use an app like 1Writer to access the .md files, that are now shifted to a cloud service like dropbox/box from my local storage. This is the case until the Obsidian mobile app is released, by which the paid Obsidian sync service will work across all devices regardless mobile or not.
This also means I no longer should host any .md files on local storage and everything should be in the cloud, at least until the Obsidian mobile app is released.

Is my understanding correct?

Loving Obsidian btw, I paid to be a Roam Believer but I appreciate the speed of the updates being released for Obsidian AND the less cultish environment of the community :grin:

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Yes, except that Obsidian Sync can also sync images, videos, audio, and PDFs file if you choose so.

Thanks for the kind note!

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Okay this is clear thank you! Really looking forward to the mobile app release!

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Yep, eagerly awaiting the mobile apps.

Hi Silver. I want the lifetime price of 4 USD for Sync. But today I have no need for the sync as I use a synology and I can access Obsidian Vault on a shared drive and that works perfect. But from the day that the mobile apps are ready I need the sync. I have tested with 1writer but as it is not supporting links and backlinks in subfolders I can not use 1Writer. I am looking forward for the Mobile apps :relaxed: My question: Can I wait to order the sync and get the early acces price at the time the mobile apps are released or will that be the time that you start charging 8 USD? Just give me a honnest answer. If you don’t know I will order it today to support Obsidian as I am a big fan. I am promoting Obsidian to everybody I know.

Hi Ward,

With all honesty I’m not sure if the mobile app would come first or would Sync early bird end first.

If you subscribe for at least a month that would secure your early bird pricing for life. Maybe that’s something you can think about?

Hi Silver. Thanx for the honest answer. I have just paid for 1 year sync. I will enable it when the mobile apps are ready. This way I am sure that I have secured my early bird pricing for life. :trophy:

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Does subscribing for 1 month secure early bird pricing for annual plans as well (both for Sync and Publish)?

Yes, that’s correct.