Question about obsidian software performance

hello guys! the number of my file in obsidian is close to 9k , i can’t delete more, and i will create more in future :cry:

But i feel my application startup speed is getting slower and slower, i want to know what is the critical factor slows it down? how can i speed it? expand my memory? or anything?

And most important, is there a theoretical maximum of fies? Do i need to worry about to touch it?

The main factors in startup time are number of notes and number and type of plugins. You can check the effect of plugins by enabling Settings > Community Plugins > Debug startup time. To reduce the effect of plugins, there is a plugin called Plugin Groups that allows you to delay the loading of plugins that you don’t need immediately. I believe the framework Obsidian is built in can only use up to 4 GB of RAM, so increasing memory may not help much.

Once the app is started, performance should mostly be normal. So another option is to leave Obsidian most of the time. That’s what I do on desktop; I don’t even know my startup time there because it only happens when the app updates or the computer restarts. (On mobile, the system regular closes Obsidian in the background and there’s not much i can do about it.)

An older version of Obsidian was shown to handle 100,000 notes pretty well (after a long period of indexing) — aside from the graph, which crashed. Unfortunately the article doesn’t discuss normal startup time. Interlude: Obsidian vs. 100,000 - by Alexander Rink


thanks for your reply

if i want to use obsidian lifetime,there may be thousands cards in my deck,as a reference, i have create 8,000+ items in past 2 years ( 4,000 items per year ),so it’s estimated that there will be about 160,000+ cards in the next 40 years until the end of my worklife

I want to affirm that obsidian can satisfy my need of so many cards

it’s said an older version of obsidian was shown to handle 100,000 notes pretty well , how about new version?

If I had a link about that, I would have shared it. I expect the finding is still true, but if you really want to know you could replicate that person’s experiment. The article links to another that explains how they set it up.

I’m curious what you are doing that generates 4,000 items per year. Is this some kind of automated data that is then compiled into tables or something?

Will you need immediate access to all of those notes, or are some of them for projects that are (or will be) completed? You could keep your main vault smaller by making a separate archive vault for such items.

actually,i think i don’t need to create so much cards, but i don’t know an exact number, maybe 3,000, or 2,000? All in all, it must be a lot.

Because i am a clinic student, and there is a lot of knowledge that i have to make a card, about it’s name and alias

Whenever i need to learn about a new topic like a type of disease, i need to create at least four cards, like the definition, mechanism, diagnosis, treatment. If i merge them in one card, it will be bloated, and i can’t locate quickly what i need .

There are so many topic of anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, etc…

So , i really need to create so many cards, and i have to make sure this system of creating, organizing, reviewing notes is stable to use in the next 40 years till i am retired.

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