Question about Linking Within ZK Notes to Enhance Graph View

Hi. So, I’ve recently been bringing my Zettelkasten over to Obsidian, and now I’ve got a question about Graph view, but I’m not sure how to explain it. So, I’m sorry if this is a little convoluted.

I create a lot of links between my notes, and the Graph does a great job of showing these. But, one thing I’ve never been in the habit of doing is inserting a link to the note that directly precedes it. In other words, among my links I don’t insert a link like this:

  • continuation of [[insert previous note title here]]

I’ve never felt the need to insert this link, because I use an alphanumeric code before each title, so I can see the connection between notes that directly follow one another: 1A1 followed by 1A1a; 1A1b; etc.

But, here’s the confusion: When I go to Graph view, bc no link to the previous note has been made in the body of the note in question, those notes (which are obviously connected in my mind) aren’t connected by the link-lines in the Graph.

So, I guess my question is: Do any of you have any standard linking practices to get the most out of your Graph view? Does anyone make a point of inserting “continuation from…” links in their notes, and if so, what are the benefits to doing this re the Graph view? Will the graph just become a tangled mess with these continuation notes? Are they that necessary? Should I put in the time to go back and insert this “continuation” link? Happy to do it. Just looking for some other people’s practices and perspective.

Thanks for reading!

What’s the nature of this “continuation” relationships? In my system, notes should be atomic and standalone, so if one note is a continuation of another, either they should be merged, or each should be given an appropriate title to distinguish it. Then, if they are logically linked, it would be done in the body of the text (of whichever of them makes sense the most).

Hey, Nurok. The notes are atomic, concise, and succinct. The continuation is that another atomic note may be building or branching off of the preceding one. For example: going from 1A1 to 1A1a. Curious to know if people who use this system (in addition to linking within notes, etc) will link to 1A1 inside of 1A1a in order to show the connection visually in the map.

I find the alphanumeric notation a bit hard to understand. If the topics are related and it makes sense to link from one to the other logically, then surely that’s a good thing, no?

For me, the alphanumeric functions as a first view, a quick visual reference, in case I need to find something quickly, or if I just want to see the top-level connections I was making. Inside the note is where it gets a little spicier with links. I find it also works like a fail-safe, forcing me to make some connection between notes right away. It prevents me from getting lazy and settling on just putting an orphan note into the system without first making some connection.