Question about headings

I am new to taking notes in Markdown and using Obsidian
Headings in Obsidian allow you to collapse the text under them
How do you tell Obsidian where the text under a specific heading ends?
Currently, When I use a heading any and all text under it gets collapsed, when I collapse the heading.
Unless there is another heading, then the text that gets collapsed stops at the next heading
is there a command that or markdown styling that allows me tell what text specifically to collapse under the heading
Thanks for the help

You indicate the level of heading with the number of prepended # symbols. So:

# This is a level one heading
## This is a level two heading

# This is another level one heading

The content collapsed underneath each heading should include all of the content less than that heading. So e.g., all text and other headings “lower” than heading level 2 (e.g., level 3, 4, etc.)

In the example above, content underneath Heading 1 should be collapsed until the next heading 1. Content under level 2 should be collapsed until the next heading 2 or 1.

Make sense?

yes, that makes sense. Thanks
But how can I exclude text from collapsing under a heading?
is that possible?

This would be impossible:

# Heading 1-a
## Subheading 2-a

When I collapse heading 2-a, keep this text surfaced

## Subheading 2-b

# Heading 1-b

So, you’d want to work with your collapsing some other way. Keep the text you want in another subheading (e.g., Subheading 2-b, above). Or use bullets to collapse.

But ultimately no, if you’re collapsing a section, it collapses everything in that section.

Thanks for the help and clarification

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