QUESTION ABOUT CALENDAR and creating future Daily Notes?

CREATING FUTURE DAILY notes in the Calendar plug in

I just troubleshooted my CALENDER plug in Obsidian because I couldn’t see it. It was there just hidden. So my Question is, If I put in a future date and it prompts me that there is not a Daily note for that date, do I want to create one… Will that Daily note then open on that date as the official Daily note or will it be a duplicate Daily Note?

I thought that could be helpful to be able to set reminders in my calendar so it will show me Future notes?
So If I have a doctors appointment a week from now, I can create a future daily note and when that day comes up my reminder that I have a doctors appointment will show up?

Things I have tried

You should try it yourself - create tomorrow’s today and click on tomorrow’s tomorrow! :laughing:

As long as you don’t change the folder location or the format, e.g. YYYY-MM-DD, of your daily notes, no duplicates will be created.

As far as reminders go, you’ll need to use a plugin for that.

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