Query to subfolders in Dataview not working

Im trying to query a subfolder in my dataview

Im trying to get dataview to query a subfolder. The folder 99-meta works fine as a query but as soon as I add a subfolder it returns nothing. Having this specific query results in this responds: Dataview: No results to show for list query.

From "99-Meta/993-Templates/"

Things I have tried

I copied the path from the search function: path:“99-Meta/993-Templates/”
I incerted this in the dataview query both with and without the path:
Tried to add a : after the from leaving a space after it then opening the " "
And tried to add a : after the from leaving a space before it and opening the " " directly
All of these returned a
Dataview: Error:

please help it feels like im missing something obvious


I had to remove the slash from the end of the folder query.
resulting in the following code

From "99-Meta/993-Templates" 

Hope this helps other noobs that are getting into dataview :slight_smile:

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