Query text from headers from files created from template (## Project Details from project plans)

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to pull text from within specific headers that exist across multiple pages.

I’m currently using the ACCESS folder structure, created by Nick Milo from Linking Your Thinking. The second “S” stands for “Spaces”. These are similar to GTD’s Areas of Focus.

Inside of each Space, there is a folder structure: MAPS - MOCS, Areas*, Projects, Support Notes. The Areas in this folder are more granular than the GTD Areas and represent “Sub-areas” of a given space.

That being said, in each Project that I have within my Projects folder for each Space, I have a note representing a Project Plan. The file title of this project plan is the name of the project. In the YAML of my project plan, I define 3 things in the YAML frontmatter:

tags: #projectplan

The project plan may or may not be the only note related to a given project. If the project is a simple project, then the project plan is the only note related to the project. If there are other supporting materials for that project, I create a subfolder within the Projects folder for that given project, and the project plan is located within that subfolder.

Project plans are created from a template that I have, so they all have the same initial structure. One of the things included in this project plan are two headers that I would like to query:

## Purpose

## Project Details

My goal here is to pull the actual text found within these headers for all project plans within a given Space (identified in frontmatter).

I’ve scoured the internet trying to find a solution for this using Dataview, DataviewJS, etc., but I’m just not well versed enough in any of this to come up with a solution myself. Ideally the final result would look like this:

# Space (from YAML frontmatter)

## {Project name}
{project details}

## {Project name}
{project details}

## {Project name}
{project details}

## {Project name}
{project details}

I don’t know a fully automatic way to do what you want, but a partial way would be to use an embedded search to list all the projects in the space, then manually build & maintain a series of heading embeds.

The embedded search:

"space: SPACE NAME"

Consulting the list, you’d make heading embeds that each look like:

![[PROJECT NAME#Project Details]]

Periodically you’ll need to check the list and add or remove embeds based on what it contains.

That tag won’t work because # starts comments in YAML. Instead do:

tags: projectplan


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