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I have a monthly note, named “yyyy-mm”. In that note, I would like to see all tasks that I have that are due in that month. So for example, in the October 2021 note, I want to see all tasks due in October.

How might I be able to do this, either using a task plug-in query or a data view query? I feel like the task plug-in is easier (with its use of natural language), but whatever works I’ll be very happy with; thanks!!!

It’s not exactly what you described, but the Checklist Plugin can show you checklists across multiple files. It might work for what you need without having to build out any custom DataView queries.

I haven’t tried this, but it should work :

due before "end of the month"
due after "start of the month"

Replace end and start of the month with the corresponding dates.

If you’re interested in automating this, I have implemented a similar system to gather completed tasks across my vault for my weekly and monthly reviews. I use Periodic Notes (for templating) in combination with the Tasks plugin. For example, in my monthly note template I have the following query :

done after {{date-1d:YYYY-MM-DD}}
done before {{date+1M:YYYY-MM-DD}}

You should be able to adapt it to your needs. If you don’t use Periodic Notes, I don’t know the exact syntax you could use for the “date-1d” and “date+1M” fields.

This extracts all my tasks with a due date for October which I haven’t done (I have all my task lists in a folder called “tasks”, you can remove that line if you have them elsewhere, or “everywhere”):

not done
path includes tasks
due after 2021-09-30
due before 2021-11-01
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