Query on Meeting Dates

Things I have tried

In my various notes I have captured meetings:

  • #meeting with Joe on 2021-10-12

Currently I use the Tasks plug-in, so I add #todo and the check box, but that makes it less elegant and more work.

I would like to create a simple query that captures all #meeting that are occurring on today’s date anywhere in any of my notes, like Tasks does for tasks. Or any other date possibly, or even all meetings sorted by date, so that I could scan it easily.

This can’t be that hard, right?

I can query on #meeting successfully, but filtering for the date

Seems easy enough, but I have not found a posting that is solving this problem.

What I’m trying to do

Not a plugin or query, however I have a similar use case.

I list each meeting in my Daily Note. For small meetings without much hoo-ha, I keep the meeting notes right there in the Daily Note.

For more important meetings, I change the meeting title into a link and create a new note for just that meeting. (I append the date to the file name, so it’s something like: “ProjectName deliverable review 1 - 2211018”).

This means my Daily Note serves as a record of all meetings that happened on that day.

I also use Day Planner, so that helps me keep my meeting schedule updated in the Daily Note.

The Day Planner syntax is a list:

  • [ ] 09:00 Thing

I do meetings and inline notes like this:

  • [ ] 08:30 Project Name standup
    • Joe’s out for next two weeks due to Covid
    • [ ] #task Email PM update for weekly status mtg
    • Authors can only be returned as Lastname, First
  • [ ] 09:00 [[ProjectName deliverable review 1 - 2211018]]
  • [ ] 10:00 Secret StarCraft tournament while PMs are at their offsite

A different approach than what you asked but accomplishes something similar. Hope it’s useful.

Thanks, after thinking about it more and researching options, this seems like a good approach.

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