Query multiline data field

I have been working with the dataview plugin and it works great for most of what I need. I do have a Inline Fields query that collects the data from various pages as long as it is on one line. Is there any sort of markup I can make to identify the field as being multiple lines?

@cjxx Can you give an example of what this multi-line data looks like? Could you format it as some kind of list that dataview will recognize?

Here’s what I have:

update_date:: 2021-06-29
update_summary:: this is the update

I’d like to support something like:

  • these are a few details of the update
  • these are a few details of the update
  • these are a few details of the update

that sort of thing.

Thank you, that makes more sense! Unfortunately an inline field will not work for this. Something you could experiment with would be using a header where you currently have “update_summary” and then embedding the section under that header in your query results. Or, if that is the only list in your page, you might be able to do something with the implicit file.lists field. Note that there can be a lot of data in the file.lists field so while you are experimenting be careful to work with a small number of files in your queries!

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