Query from new user: sync vs iCloud

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Hi all,

Sorry if this is a really stupid question. I have searched for the answer on these forums but can’t find an answer to it. It’s probably me.

I’m an Apple user. iPhone, iPad, Mac. So I’m completely within the Apple ecosystem.

Is there any advantage to using (and buying) the Obsidian sync service over me just putting my vault into my iCloud Drive? I’ve tried the latter and it seems to sync fine. But I fear I’m missing something obvious.

I’m happy to pay for the service if I think it adds value to what I want to do. But I’d be grateful for any guidance anyone has to offer.


Apple user👋🏼

I have 2 Macs (one very old, one new), 2 iPhones and an iPad. iCloud sync worked perfectly with Obsidian for me when I used it.

Lots of folks have issues with iCloud -especially with adding Windows iCloud into the mix. iCloud is a black box as in you never know what it’s doing. It “just works”… or it doesn’t.

I wanted to support the developers so now use Obsidian Sync. It’s also is fine, but I’m clear on what’s being synced etc. I now have a Windows11 PC in the mix and it’s working great (didn’t even attempt trying to use iCloud on Windows).

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