Query between two note types with different fields

Hello. I would like to know if it is possible to make a query in dataview, where the final result comes from the crossing of information between two different note types (with different fields).

For example. If I had a vault where I stored all the matches of all the world soccer championships. I would have a type of note where I store data about the matches:

Note of a match:

Match:: 1990-07-08_WC Italy 90 Final
Date:: 1990-07-08
Stadium:: [[Stadio Olimpico di Roma]]

And another for example where you store data about the stadiums:

Note of related stadium:

Name:: Stadio Olimpico di Roma
Country:: Italy
City:: Rome

Assuming that my vault has all the matches of all the world cups. I would like to make a query that returns a list of all the World Cups matches that have been played in Italy.

And as a slightly more complex example, I would like to do another query where it returns the same thing (matches in Italy), but in a table where it appears: Match | City

Thank you very much.
Best regards!

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