Query about v1.2.8 "feature"

Saw this in the announcement of v.1.2.8

Left wondering whether if the app is obsidian then the trick I learned yesterday
https://forum.obsidian.mthat d/t/is-there-a-way-to-quickly-link-to-another-vault/20652/2?u=glimfeather
is going to be obsolete and my use of it will be null and void.

No. The change is only about app://

Phew, that’s a relief. Would have been a pity to learn about and start using this inter-vault linkage only to have to give it up.

I’m using a URL when opening a file in a specific app.
For example, if I want to open a file in VisualStudioCode
[open vsc](<vscode://filepath>)
(The URL scheme is customized with AppleScript.)
I actually use it in a more minor app.
Does this mean that this will no longer be possible?

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