Query a list in frontmatter

I’m new to Obsidian and I can’t figure out how to query a property in frontmatter, which contains a list of multiple values. Here is an exmaple:


  • “[[Paul McCartney]]”
  • “[[John Lennon]]”

How to get a dataview list of documents where “composers” equals “Paul McCartney”?

Note that “Paul McCartney” is a link, the reason is that I want to use backlinks to show me all documents where "“Paul McCartney” is entered in “composers” property in the frontmatter.

Doing either of contains(composers, [[Paul McCartney]]) or contains(composers, link("Paul McCartney")) In a WHERE clause should do the trick.

If you’re in the Paul McCartney note you could also do contains(composers, this.file. link) (or various other variants like FROM [[]] ( I think that’s the correct direction :stuck_out_tongue: )).

Thank you for your quick response! It works :slight_smile: