Quarto support (open-source scientific and technical publishing system)

Quarto (.qmd) markdown is an open-source scientific and technical publishing system built on Pandoc. It is becoming more and more popular for obvious reasons.

A .qmd markdown support in obsidian could broaden obsidian’s community and usages a lot … I mean it’s really HUGE

Use case or problem

Here is a screenshot from quarto website which will explain the use case better than me:

Proposed solution

Integrate a support for .qmd markdown and quarto-cli tools.

You can have some examples of usage here:



I second this, this would be very powerful!

And it might be pretty cheap since it “just” sits on top of pandoc.


Because of Qaurto, I use VS Code to write scientific papers. It makes the process of exporting to PDF and DOCX very easy. Wish there was support for it in Obsidian.