Quarto support (open-source scientific and technical publishing system)

Quarto (.qmd) markdown is an open-source scientific and technical publishing system built on Pandoc. It is becoming more and more popular for obvious reasons.

A .qmd markdown support in obsidian could broaden obsidian’s community and usages a lot … I mean it’s really HUGE

Use case or problem

Here is a screenshot from quarto website which will explain the use case better than me:

Proposed solution

Integrate a support for .qmd markdown and quarto-cli tools.

You can have some examples of usage here:



I second this, this would be very powerful!

And it might be pretty cheap since it “just” sits on top of pandoc.


Because of Qaurto, I use VS Code to write scientific papers. It makes the process of exporting to PDF and DOCX very easy. Wish there was support for it in Obsidian.

+1 from my side
in the beginning maybe just support for qmd extension + a way to run quarto commands in similar way like pandoc will be enough, someone might try to do this as first ever extension

This in not full plugin, but it allows me to open qmd in Obsidian and treat it as a markdown file.
Basically I replaced in death_au source .txt with .qmd, if you want to open .qmd in obsidian download the latest tag (0.0.3) or compile it yourself Tags · danieltomasz/qmd-as-md-obsidian (github.com)

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Then I was able to run shellcomand via Taitava/obsidian-shellcommands: Execute system commands via hotkeys or command palette in Obsidian (https://obsidian.md). Some automated events are also supported, and execution via URI links. (github.com)

quarto render {{file_path:absolute}} --to pdf
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Thanks for fork! Can you expand on how to compile the plugin from the source code?

The description is in the readme

Clone this repo.
npm i or yarn to install dependencies
npm run build to compile.
Copy manifest.json, main.js and styles.css to a subfolder of your plugins folder (e.g, <vault>/.obsidian/plugins/<plugin-name>/)
Reload obsidian to see changes

How to install npm will depends form your OS, on MacOS the easiest way was to use brew install npm (if you have brew installed).

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Okay, thanks for the information - I missed that.

+1 from my side

This would be an awesome addition. +1 from me

Use symbolic links. Link some document.qmd file from your project directory to vault directory and name the link to document.md. This works on Linux and macOS, but I’m not sure you can do this on Windows.

I actually prefer links because this allows me to keep Quarto files other than markdown outside the Obsidian vault.

How to tag the developers of obsidian so they can see this and give us their opinions?

Don’t tag the developers. This stuff reaches them eventually.

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Oh, okay then.

+1 for this!

How about giving the user to decide which extensions will be visible in Obsidian? Should be easy to implement. That would also make Obsidian useable with other plain text formats such as .txt or .Rmd.

I couldn’t get the plugin qmd-as-md-obsidian to work. Is it broken? (I’m using Obsidian 0.15.9 on macOS 12.6)

+1 for me too, this would be fantastic as an addition!

How about giving the user to decide which extensions will be visible in Obsidian?

You can do that already in obsidian, but obsidian won’t open these formats.