QNote - AHK script for quick note creation (Windows only)

Occasionally I’ve made a tool which I want to share with you.

That’s an AutoHotkey script which brings popup window where you can put the header and text body for your note. You can customize it as you want. It’s just an AHK after all.


Very useful, thanks!

Is there a way to add some text and current date into the BodyText control? I’m using a template for new notes where it says something like date:: 2020-09-11.

Figured it out with FAQ on AHK website.

Insert FormatTime, TodaysDate, A_now, yyyy-MM-dd
and then put %TodaysDate% after vBodyText

For Cyrillic users also note that you have to specify file encoding UTF-8 for the file to be displayed correctly in Obdisian, e.g.:
FileAppend, n%BodyText%, %CurrentDateTime%.md, UTF-8`

On the other hand, the AHK scripts’s encoding needs to be UTF-8 with BOM.

@AlexanderSavenkov Thanks for fixes.

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Which program does it open up - a notepad file? Or something else? Tried running it, but didn’t work. Just opened an autohotkey in background but nothing visible. So I am guessing I am obviously doing something wrong. Sorry this is a dumb question. Noob here. Would sincerely appreciate your help!

It should open custom AHK text window once you press Ctrl-J keyboard combination

This sounds like a great idea, but when I run the script I get the following error


Error at line 1.

Line Text: <script crossorigin=“anonymous” defer=“defer” integrity="sha512-I5GWAgLNL1Ik55RAlli3NkR3h7jovmTh1NBB…
Error: Continuation section too long.

The program will exit.


I would appreciate any advice you can give.


Currently, you can achieve more interesting results using Obsidian’s plugins:

  • Quick Add - for quick add functionality
  • Global Hotkeys - to enable global shortcuts
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