Q re: Content Ingestion w/o Locally Stored Files

Hi all - general question about how I should solve content ingestion without having locally stored obsidian files:


I’m evaluating Obsidian for note-taking for both work and personal as a change from plain markdown files.

For my personal notes, I sync between phone (Markor on Android) and personal laptop (windows) via dropbox.

For work, I sync between my work laptop (mac) and work cloud storage (google drive) via google sync. No mobile sync.

I deliberately DO NOT want to mix personal and work files, as corporate policy implies that any content on stored work devices belongs to work, and any work content stored on personal devices subjects that device to discovery if there is a situation. However unlikely that may be, it is a non-starter for syncing personal files to work computer, so I cannot do more than accessing them via a separate browser on my work computer.


If I read something that I want to put into my personal notes while on my work computer in a separate browser, how do I get it in my personal markdown folders?

It doesn’t sound like an Obsidian browser version is on the roadmap or even under consideration, so it must be there is a work-around for this scenario that is deemed sufficient.


Do any of the following solutions exist?

  • A plugin to access obsidian vaults stored in dropbox without doing a full sync to a local computer?
  • A web based markdown editor that doesnt require read-all access to dropbox?
  • A plan to make the mobile-versions web-browser friendly?
  • other?

You can create a private Git repository for your notes in addition to syncing to Dropbox. Then you’ll be able to edit files on GitHub and, best of all, have great version control.

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This doesn’t sound like a bad option, it does sound a bit heavy-handed just to be able to access/edit on the web. Someone else in the community discord suggest git notes as well so seems like the most promising solution as of today.

Thanks for taking the time to respond!