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Hi all,

I am a data scientist and I write python scripts to do analysis for personal projects: read in a csv, make some graphs, clean some data, fit a model etc.

I’m looking to store my python scripts in Obsidian so they’re searchable, but it can only see them if they’re .md files right? But if i save them as .md files then I can’t run them in vs code or an ide or such right?

Is there a middle ground? How could I save files in such a way that they could be run to actually do the analysis, but also stored in Obsidian? To be clear I don’t need to run them in obsidian, just store them there.



You should be able to go to:
Settings → Files & Links → Detect all file extensions

Then view all file types.

So simple, so effective, Thanks Danny! :smiley:

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