Py-obsidianmd - Modify your notes' metadata in batch

Hello Obsidian community,

py-obsidianmd is a python library that enables you to change your notes’ metadata in batch. You can also easily move your metadata between the frontmatter and inline notation (dataview style).

Checkout the presentation video, github repository and examples.

It has saved me a lot of time, and made me free to experiment with how I handle my knowledge base’s metadata. I hope it can also be useful to others in the community !

Let me know if you have any feedback.



I just love this. I recently asked in the Dataview thread on Discord whether someone had written a JS script for this exact purpose and then you strode in with a polished tool, ready to use, written in my favoured language, Python. Really awesome work. Running this over a lot of files will likely take some time, which is expected, but I’m excited to try it out on my media database. So far I’ve only tried with some example files.
Thanks a lot for sharing!


Hi @apfelstrudelig glad you find it helpful !

Please do back up your vault before using it on its entirety. The tool is still in its early development, better safe than sorry.

If you have any feedback after running it in batch (positive or negative) it would be very helpful if you share it here or on the github.

Cheers !


Thanks for sharing!

I was just browsing for a good way to interface Python and Obsidian to make sure I wasn’t being too “ugly” using my Templater workaround. This helps a lot since this was going to be one of my tool objectives!

Keep it :floppy_disk:,

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