Putting "chips" in obsidian

I’m documenting my progress learning Rust, and I want to add a “chip” containing the date and time of when I wrote it, something similar to this:

Maybe something along the lines of Anuppuccin’s “speech bubbles”, List Callouts, or custom checklists could work?

I’d check out what the different themes offer. If there’s nothing there, then a plugin or some custom CSS using checklists or possibly some other Markdown element you can take over. Less than ideal, but using HTML is also an option.

Maybe also add a hotkey for insetting current time?

Also: Enter Current time with Button inside Template - #2 by kenjibailly

I’m a little late to the show, but have you considered using inline fields from dataview?

With the following markup:

[chip:: 16:21] Learned something new today...

And this CSS in a snippet:

:not(.cm-active) .inline-field-key[data-dv-key="chip"] {
  display: none;

  & + .inline-field-value {
    background-color: var(--color-blue);
    border-radius: 8px;

You get an output like:

This can of course be style however you like. :smiley:


I do this with two hotkeys in Textexpander.

I type dd# for inserting date and the current day and tt# for the time.

2024/04/24 - Mittwoch
19:47 Uhr

Since I use an external program this works in every program I use.

Except it is $$$ :smile: maybe try espanso instead? Could not find better free alternatives…