Put file (From Boox e-ink device) in folder in file explorer/finder to automatically create note

What I’m trying to do

I use a Boox Note Air 2 plus to journal and take notes in class during studies. Is there a plugin where if you save a pdf/png file in a spesific folder in your file explorer, it will create a note automatically in Obsidian? Ideally the note would be named the same as the file +get linked to daily note if file name is a date + get tagget with #toreview + and potetially go through OCR (optical character recognition) automatically. Is this possible?

Things I have tried

Just starting to use Obsidian on a daily basis - All suggestions would be appreciated :))

Thanks! - Thomas

Yes — the Binary File Manager community plugin does it (I don’t know if it can do the extra stuff you want.)

That´s awesome! I can now save a file on my e-ink which syncs with Google Drive, and a new note will automatically be added to Obsidian, and with templater, automatically embed the pdf in the note

This is great for students using android based I-ink devices to make a inbox for all new notes created.

The only problem is that I cannot set a spesific folder to watch, so if I add other PDF (e.g. presentations by lecturer in class), those will also create a note… I am wondering if it would be possible to make it possible to only watch a certain folder? @qawatake

Thanks again :slight_smile: