Pur order on not in the folder?

Hello community,

How i can move a note the way i want in a folder? Could I? Like to pur order of notes in the folder.


If I understand you correctly, you want the notes in a folder to appear in a certain order, regardless of the name of the file. The natural order in which a file appears in a folder is alphabetically or numerically, either in ascending or descending order. Numbers take precedence over letters, so a file with a number at the beginning will be sorted first, followed by files with letters. So if you want note ABC to appear after note ACD you have to change your naming convention to incorporate numbers before letters to something like this: 00-ACD and 01-ABC, etc. Use two-digit numbers to start because if you do it like this: 0-ACD and 1-ABC, then once you get to 10 that note will appear under 1-ABC and so on.

But a simpler way would be to simply use the dataview plugin and create a dataview query that lists your notes and sorts them according to a frontmatter item like an index number, and just not worry about the order in which the note appears in a folder.

No, you can’t change the order in the file browser (except by changing the file names).

If you want to order a small number of file ls you could use bookmarks. You can put bookmarks in any order. Bookmarks - Obsidian Help

In a note you can make lists of links to files, and order those lists any way you want.

Yes, understand this, i was using a 1.1, 1.2, 2.1 or a. b. c. system but i will try Bookmarks and Dataview, thank you!

There is also a longstanding feature request for this feature here: File Explorer Custom Sort. I am not sure it is worth getting your hopes up, but also I wouldn’t necessarily give up hope.

Good luck!


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