Punctuation Marks Doesn't Work Properly with Some Community Themes

First of all this title could have been a feature request but I searched and found a related topic on the forum.

Toggle for smart quotes

So this is a specific typing issue, related to the community themes.

Straight & Curly / Smart Punctuation Marks

That’s a ‘straight’ mark.
“That’s a ‘curly’ mark.”

Punctuation Marks on Obsidian

When I quote a sentence and use the punctuation marks (like quotation, apostrophe etc.) I realized that it doesn’t work properly with some community themes. Even when you export a document as a pdf by the theme’s style, the marks seem straight on the exported document.

Punctuation Marks with The Community Themes

For example; With the Primary theme punctuation marks seem right, but with the Things theme it doesn’t seem right. On the other hand, Obsidian’s default theme works right. I think this is because of the font itself which is used in the theme.

My Methods and Tools to Use Punctuation Marks

On Obsidian I’m using Smart Typography extension for a more aesthetic typographic typing experience. Otherwise, On my Windows 11, I’m using keyboard shortcuts for curly quotes which is hard to remember.

How could we fix this typographic typing issue and make this a core feature for Obsidian?

we don’t take bug reports involving themes. Contact the authors of those themes.

This is most likely a font issue.

But contact with all the community theme authors, one by one isn’t handy. Maybe there could be general options in Obsidian (in future) for all the community theme authors to use the specific font or style. Like the Obsidian default theme itself.

I hope this post will help the theme authors as well. Thank you for your suggestion, I will contact and request the theme’s author.