Pull text under a Heading via dataview

What I’m trying to do

Context: I have an iOS shortcut that appends little notes I make on the go as timestamped bullet points in my Daily Note which works well. To keep this block separate, I’ve appended “## Slipbox” at the bottom of my Daily Note Template.

On my Weekly Note, I’d like to be able to see (not embed, that’s my last resort) all the Slipbox entries from the days they are populated.

ie; IF the last line in the file is not “## Slipbox” THEN show everything under that heading.



  • 22:40: Captain Heinous - Sticky-fingered Superhero

Things I have tried

TABLE WITHOUT ID file.link as Entries, X
from [[2024-W04]]  and #periodic/daily 
WHERE "## Slipbox" 
FLATTEN "## Slipbox" as X
SORT file.name desc

I’m certain WHERE “## Slipbox” is not the answer.
My question, 1) is it possible with data view or dataviewjs and 2) if so, how.

Last resort as mentioned earlier is to just show them as embeds (in my weekly template), but it’s show them all even if empty.

![[2024-01-29#Slipbox]] … etc

I’ve also tried:

WHERE [[(meta(section).type)]] = “Slipbox”
FLATTEN Slipbox as X

If you write everything under this heading in bullets lists, you can use this query:

TABLE WITHOUT ID file.link as Entries, L.text
from [[2024-W04]]  and #periodic/daily 
FLATTEN file.lists as L
WHERE meta(L.section).subpath = "Slipbox"
SORT file.name desc

If not, you need to use dataviewjs and it will be more complicated.


This is perfect of what I wanted to achieve.

Elaborating on my use case, this means I can jot unfiltered thoughts on my phone that pile up. Some of these lack a context and get forgotten about. However, at the end of the week when I’m planning for the week ahead I can use this table as a means of processing them all, whether that be creating tasks or placing the information in the right place in the vault.

Thank you.

My Learnings: (and do correct me if I’ve misunderstood any of this)

  1. bullet points wherever they are in a file are can be grabbed as a lists object
    1a. this lists object will collect every line that begins with a hyphen and contain its own metadata, such as line header, link, number, text, tasks, section, etc.
    1b. one of those is section, ie; the lowest level of heading under which the list object is stored

Unsure of the difference between: header, link, section
Will play more to see how this changes if I start making sub-headings

  1. One must flatten this to be able to filter down further.

  2. One can further filter a section using a WHERE using:
    meta(L.section).subpath = “HEADING_NAME”

3a. meta being the full metadata of the object that we wish to filter
3b. in this instance that being the section
3c. subpath is a link to the “path file > heading”

  1. The text after the hyphen can be taken out using OBJECT.text up top.

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