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I am new in obsidian, I´m Oscar from Spain. I am asking if there is some manual, step by step, on how to publish a vault with all notes and mainly the plot of the dots to see in the main.html or main.php as we see in obsidian.

I have a server and a domain and for me it would be great to get a full vault and its associated brain graph.

I dont know if I have expalinned well.

Many thanks in advance

You can publish your vault using Obsidian publish or one of its alternatives.

Publish is an add-on service for Obsidian that allows you to host your notes. You can find more Information about it here: Obsidian Publish - Obsidian Help

If you’re interested in a self-hosted/homebrewed version, there are a few options out there. Keep in mind that they might need some setup e.g. due to (lack of) compatibility with wikilinks. You can find more information about alternatives on this forum thread:

Many Thanks for your answer and help.

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