Publish-Specific Themes

Let’s make a list of css themes specifically for Publish sites!


Would love to see some examples, or themes that work especially well for mobile.

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I’m building a public website about visual design. Having a blast building out the visual style. It is a light theme and works decently with mobile. Still definitely a work in progress.

I’m building in some utility classes for floats to have more interesting layouts and to hide content on smaller screens. You can see how the small floated image on the main page disappears on small screens.

I’m willing to share if you would like.


This looks great, would love to see your publish.css file :slight_smile:

I’d love a better mobile experience, because mobile is total garbage right now, it barley loads for me (I’m using Brave on an Android). Idk why.

i’m always tweaking and exploring, especially when i’m avoiding real work. anyway, here’s the current iteration on github. i’m using my own obsidian theme al-dente. i haven’t tested to see if settings from the local theme carry through to the published theme. please let me know what you think or if there are tweaks you think need to be added.


For my Obsidian workspace I’m using a modified version of California Coast, by Matthew Meyers, along with some (also tweaked) common CSS snippets:

I’ve copied that theme + my changes + some additional publish-specific tweaks into my publish.css, and it works quite well on the site:

And I added a mobile-oriented tweak for the sidebar menu that makes it usable:

If there’s a lot of interest in this I can clean up the publish.css of all the cruft that doesn’t matter for the published website and share the file. It’ll be some work though, so let me know if there’s enough interest for that.


FWIW I think there are more people that, like me, have taken the opportunity to sign up for Obsidian Publish to secure the early-bird-for-life discount, and now are thinking: “now what?:slight_smile:

I am literally searching the forum right now for CSS tips and snippets like that, so at least I would be interested in seeing how you have solved that.

I copied my regular Obs. theme into the publish.css, checked out a few publish sites, and (since I’m not very knowledgeable in CSS – or rather, not at all) just pieced things together as I liked them, lots of trial and error.
I didn’t end up with anything complicated, but I like the site for what it is for (academic info, mostly).
If you’re looking for how to achieve something specific, the Discord channel can be very helpful.

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I’d be interested in it!

@Hellquist & @rscottjones — I am now using the Obsidian Publish site for directly, so that is a big encouragement for me to clean up that CSS file and refine it a bunch more. :sweat_smile:

Stay tuned (and/or ping me on Discord, I’m @Faruk there) for updates on this!

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