Publish Select Indeterminate Checkbox

Hello Obsidian team. I’ve just picked the tool back up and noticed the ability to specify publish: true in the frontmatter of pages. This makes it much easier to publish a page after creating it without having to search for it. However, when I create a page within a folder, it becomes difficult to verify the correct things are being published. It’d be nice if the publish view rendered an “Indeterminate” checkbox if at least one but not all pages within it (or its children) were checked for publishing.

Use case or problem

When I have a page checked for publishing, it’s difficult to find pages that are marked when pages are within folders.

This folder is not checked…

… but it contains a file that will be published …

Proposed solution

I’d suggest that the checkboxes be rendered in an HTML Checkbox “indeterminate” state for folders that contain (recursively) at least one page that will be published. If all children pages were marked for publishing, the folder should be marked fully with the checkbox as well.

See these examples:


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