"Publish" performance Issues

The bigger my online vault gets, the more performance issues I am having. I have pages on mobile that take up to 30 seconds (!) to load on my phone.

Google’s Pagespeed test is confirming this.


Luckily, they are telling us where it is happening.


(publish.obsidian.md) 1,685 ms 1,558 ms 50 ms

(publish.obsidian.md) 724 ms

Thank you.

There’s nothing particularly out of the ordinary in the report you sent. Which page exactly is taking 30 seconds to load on mobile?

You may want to consider disabling the graph feature on your site.

Graph is off in the settings. Is there a way to make it “more off”? Is it still getting computed anyway? Is that what prism is?

Since it says “Core Web Vitals Assessment: Failed”, it feels like there is something wrong?

According to what I read, if a site takes 3 seconds to open on mobile, 53% of users will leave before it opens. We are at 2.9 seconds now, so…if it continues? For some reason, mobile is much slower.

What’s your recommendation if it gets longer? Create static pages and self-host? I had hoped that Publish would work for me. It was very simple and intuitive. I had hoped to be able to use it for a bunch of sites, actually.

It loaded just the title and froze when it took 10+ seconds. Isn’t doing it now. Seems pretty good for the most part. 1-2 seconds…which is ok if it stays around there.


There is no graph on mobile. The performance number you get is inline with our expectations (mobile has a lower score than desktop because it is simulated as running with lower spec hardware).

Can you link me the page that is taking 30 seconds to load?

It seems to be sporadic. Perhaps it’s when I just upload new content? And it is “processed” for the first time?

Here are two screenshots of what I saw while waiting each time.
The main homepage said “Loading” for 9 seconds this morning after I updated my page.

The other page sat with just the heading for 20+ seconds yesterday.

After the initial load, the rest of the browsing seems OK, speed-wise.

Just tried again. First page: 14 seconds. Everything else: fast

I can’t reproduce any slowdown on your homepage.

It happens every time I upload new content.

I see in your screenshot you are using a VPN. How about you try without it?

How many pages do you have published on your website?

Further testing/How to get the behavior: After I edit/change maybe 10 pages on the site (which happens 1+ times daily), then I upload them, and then the FIRST pageview takes 10s+. There are currently 343 files in the “Site” folder which is published.

Also, in the obsidian app, when I click the “Paper airplane” symbol, it is taking longer and longer to find the changes. Maybe 5-6 seconds now, which isn’t too bad. But I was hoping to be able to take the site to 10k pages+ over time.

I thought these were static pages, so I was hoping it would always be fast?

Also, general performance is gradually degrading on the site, with every new 10ish pages, dropping .1 seconds (see screenshot).

At this rate, if I have 500 pages, it will be 5 seconds. 1000 pages, 10 seconds, etc.

The prism.js issue was fixed.

this is another problem and will be addresses separately.

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Thank you!

Score went from 58 → 82 (as I’m sure you know…hmmm…it keeps climbing every time I test…now at 92). (and 100/100 on desktop!)

I will test initial load next time I have a major change (which I will also try to avoid as much as possible as it seems to cause issues).

EDIT: tested after uploading 12 new/edited files. NO DELAY! Looking good!

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