Publish obsidian note using Notion

I made simple code work with Notion API to upload obsidian note to Notion page or database. I made this because I want to publish my obsidian note and share to my friends, and I am familiar with using Notion to share my note such as exam note, short note from class etc. (I am student so I don’t have much money, and Notion can publish with no price.)

When upload note to Notion, backlink also work like this.


If you are interested in this, see my respiratory on GitHub. Layjoo/MdToNotion


The Obsidian forum will show users using Obsidian and Notion and Obsidian and other things. One program can’t do everything perfectly so at this moment I’m using other programs besides Obsidian. I even have Google Docs open for it’s rich text handling capabilities and easy commenting in the side panel that’s always visible and requires no markdown.

If you want to upload without backlink it also work.