Publish: Global Graph opens up the Local Graph

Steps to reproduce

  1. Generate several Notes
  2. Link them
  3. Use Obsidian Publish to publish the notes
  4. Activate “Show graph view” in the Site Options of the published Site
  5. Navigate to the published site. For example:
  6. Click on the “Global Graph” Button in the small Graph preview

Did you follow the troubleshooting guide? [Y/N]

Yes I did.

Expected result

The Global Graph opens up.

Actual result

It just maximizes the local Graph. Its exactly the same result as clicking on “Expand”.


Shouldnt matter at all, as this is an issue in the publish functionality not on the desktop app.

Additional information

Screenshots are added at the top.

I confirm the bug too.

(Developers have already been warned in Discord, so but will be fixed soon)

this was just fixed.


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