Publish: Flash of unstyled content and flashing favicon whenever page is loaded

When a Publish page with custom CSS is loaded in a new tab, or refreshed, there is an unpleasant flash of unstyled content. This issue is present regardless of whether the user has loaded the site in the past. It seems driven from the order in which CSS assets are loaded and how they are cached. These issues make Publish sites feel janky and less professional

2022-02-14 09.30.26

Similarly, if a favicon is defined, there is a flash during which the Obisidian favicon appears briefly before the correct favicon is present.

2022-02-14 09.34.28


One proposed solution would be to allow Publish sites to disable app.css from loading.

This would also have the benefit of removing some of the unnecessary resources that are being downloaded. For example my Publish site only uses system fonts, but the Obsidian app.css references 13 (!!) font files which are downloaded unnecessarily.