Publish attached files with note?

I’m pretty sure this is simply not supported, but it seems so absurd I want to check I’m not missing anything.

Obsidian Publish doesn’t have a way to include a note’s attached images or other files when publishing the note? Is that correct? There is an affordance for including linked notes, but not other files the note relies on?

So, if one doesn’t want to publish their entire attachments folders, along with unrelated attachments, the only supported workflow is: publish the note, then manually check the markdown for attachments it relies on, then publish those attachments separately.

And if I add a photo to a published note, I need to remember to separately publish that new photo, right?

In case anyone else was frustrated by this, I “solved” it myself by getting a refund from Publish and trying some of the free plugins. Share Note worked best for my use case — I had previously avoided it, because it seemed “too good to be true”. It really does just work, and the result really is identical to Reading view, with no effort.

Publish is the second paid Obsidian product I’ve had to cancel because of sub-amateur design or execution. Each time, I think “Do I really trust the text editor created by these people?” But I do! So, good job on the basics!! I hope you provide a service I can justify paying for, someday.

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