Publish and Advanced Slides vertical slides -- nuance

What I’m trying to do

For a course I am preparing I’m using obsidian-advanced-slides community plugin to produce some slides with vertical -- and horizontal transitions ---.

I also publish the whole vault.

I want the publish to be an enhanced printout version of the slides.

When published, the horizontal slides separator --- is rendered as an <hr> and looks fine, yet I would prefer them to not be there. But the vertical separators -- appears as is, --. These looks a bit noisy.

I understand why things are like this. But I was wondering if anyone has a workaround to either hide the --, or if there is a way to pre-process how things are sent to publish.

Things I have tried

I’ve search of usages of obsidian-advanced-slides in conjunction with publish, but this issue of -- and --- didn’t show up.

From Customize your site - Obsidian Help I gather that if I setup custom domain I could use Javascript to tweak things on the frontend, yet I would prefer to pre-process the information if possible.

I was not able to find information if pre-processing/extending the ingestion of publish is possible at all.