Publish aliases and social media previews

I had the idea of using aliases on my Publish site as a sort of URL shortening feature. Many of my pages have extremely long filenames and that is how I want them to be. However, when sharing URLs on social media, I prefer to use a more succinct URL with a few keywords. Using the alias as a URL works fine.

The problem is that if I use the alias as a URL and the social media site tries to generate a preview, it sees the page as not existing and instead returns a preview of the site’s 404 page.

Perhaps this is due to the alias not being listed in an index of site pages? I’m not familiar enough with how Publish works to know for sure. I’ll continue using the full URLs on social media for now, but I think this might need some attention.

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Facing a similar issue with using permalinks.

Social media preview for published pages with a permalink property doesn’t seem to work, returns

Not Found File does not exist

The issue was previously elaborated in Permalink breaks social media preview text

Would be great to find a solution.

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