Public domain books as Obsidian vaults

I’ve just realized that over in the Roam-o-sphere, there are at least two websites that have public domain titles (books, poems, plays etc.) posted as public databases. This seems like a great idea for students and researchers, or folks like me who are neither, but who want to annotate or otherwise interact with some text. The wonderful FAR-AIM aviation vault by kognise ( is the only thing I’ve discovered specifically for Obsidian.
Arguably, the Obsidian vault is a better medium than the Roam database for this kind of thing, so I’m wondering if there’s any interest in creating, editing, hosting something like this?


I would be interested in this. But what kind of books are we talking about?
This is offtopic, but I’ve taken notes from some popular titles such as Hyperfocus. Now reading Thinking Fast and Slow.

The cop-out answer is, “Anything you’re interested in, as long as it’s legal.” So, all of Project Gutenberg, Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets, The Bible, Tao Te Ching (it’s short), Mahabarata (it’s long). My wife is studying As You Like It, so I could put that up.
You get the idea. Your notes would be great, but you can’t post those books (without permission).
It just seems to me to be a really neat idea. Maybe it could even be a (semi) official Obsidian project?

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So where are these websites? If they are truly public, can the graphs be downloaded and then converted to Obsidian Vaults?

Project Gutenberg is the most famous, with over 60,000 free ebooks.
I don’t know what graphs you’re talking about.

I believe he was asking about the roam databases you mentioned:

Well, OK. I don’t think these Roam databases are particularly useful to the Obsidian community, but is one place to look.