ProWritingAid plugin

It would be useful to have ProWritingAid plugin in Obsidian.


Great to see someone else is interested in a ProWritingAid plugin! I came to see if I could find any interest and to give my support for integration of this wonderful writer’s tool. ProWritingAid is fantastic and together with Obsidian it would be a huge leap forward for my uses.

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Is there any hope to have ProWritingAid integration here?

I, too, would be thrilled to see this, as I have an API key which works with several other programs already! It would be fabulous to have them here as well!

I really hope this happens! I love ProWritingAid and use it regularly but having it as a plugin that automatically works along with me as it does in Chrome browser would be truly fabulous.

But you can just have both open. PWA reads markdown files. You can write in either.

Apart from adding knowledge of Obsidian syntax, I’m not sure what else a plugin would add.