Provide some way for plugin API to determine if a file was created or synced by Obsidian Sync

Use case or problem

I would like for my plugin to be able to tell if, during the “create” event, a file was really created (i.e. completely new file, created by another plugin or by user action) or it was created in another obsidian instance and synced thro Obsidian Sync.
I need this so that I can take a plugin action, only when the file was really “created” by another plugin or user action, so that I don’t process this file again (which might cause conflicts since the plugin data may not be already available from sync, or not properly reloaded)

Proposed solution

First thing that comes to mind would be an extra param in the callback of the create or modify event, that would tell me if this event was triggered by action in this vault or if it comes from another vault thro Sync.
Another option would be for the ctx param, to be able to say “Hey, just subscribe me to create events from this instance, and not from sync create events”

Current workaround (optional)

For now, following the workaround defined here Bug (?): `create` event fires when notes are synced via Obsidian Sync · Issue #138 · obsidianmd/obsidian-api · GitHub

Sorry, after a github search of other plugins, I realized that the ctx param is used for something else entirely (binding the this of the event callback).
So ignore this part of the suggestion