Provide RPM package for Linux distributions

Use case or problem

Better system installation on RPM based Linux distribution e.g. Fedora

Proposed solution

Provide an RPM package of Obsidian at Download - Obsidian

[This request is being made on the basis that a distribution specific package format, Deb, is already being provided]


I’ll second this one.

As an infrastructure admin, I’d like to be able to deploy Obsidian on RedHat/SuSE Enterprise for users who want it, where AppImage and flatpak are forbidden by policy, and DEB packages are time-consuming (expensive) to convert.

Would it be possible to update IT policies to add Flatpak as an installation method? RHEL and SLES include Flatpak as part of their base desktop package installs and officially support it as an application install method:

The LibreOffice RPM packages are now deprecated and will be removed in a future major RHEL release. LibreOffice continues to be fully supported through the entire life cycle of RHEL 7, 8, and 9.

As a replacement for the RPM packages, Red Hat recommends that you install LibreOffice from either of the following sources provided by The Document Foundation:

    The official Flatpak package in the Flathub repository:
    The official RPM packages: 
 In addition to the GNOME Package Updater, GNOME provides GNOME Software which has the following functionality:

    Install, update, and remove software delivered as an RPM via PackageKit

    Install, update, and remove software delivered as a Flatpak

    Install, update, and remove GNOME shell extensions (

    Update firmware for hardware devices using Linux Vendor Firmware Service (LVFS, 

Flatpak is designed for central application management similar to RPMs, so remotes can be self-hosted as RHEL and Fedora have done:

Fedora had also initially rolled out its Flathub support with a filter policy so only select applications could be installed by default:

IT infrastructure could self-host and/or approve certain applications with a filter if needed.

It would be nice to have an RPM distribution as well. :smiley:

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Agreed. I don’t care for flatpacks or some of the other install options. None of those are as clean and as manageable as simple .rpm installs. If you are providing .deb installable files, then .rpm’s should not be a stretch.

Apparently there is a .tar.gz, though you’ll need to create your own .desktop file. Can do the normal extract to /opt and symlink the executable to /usr/bin.

An RPM would be much nicer though.

.tar.gz is here: