Provide a way to re-index files that have been changed outside of Obsidian

With regards to symlinks it says the following.

Changes performed outside of Obsidian are not watched for, so if you change the file directly, Obsidian will not detect the change, update search indexes, etc.

Is there any way of forcing a re-index for symlinked files that you may run once in a while.

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Moved to #get-help

As in, tell Obsi to check if any filenames have changed and update the text of relevant links?

Not at the moment. Might be a good #feature-requests!

This was initially phrased as a feature request but moved to #get-help. So perhaps we can move it back? Would probably be useful if custom plugins could hook into re-indexing etc as well.

Rephrased as a FR.

I don’t think we’ll see this anytime soon, though. How would Obsidian know how a changed file corresponds with a selection of links? How would this handle copying/moving and the like? It seems simple at face value but implementation would probably be very difficult.

Perhaps a UUID solution would be better: UUID for note links in URL scheme

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As a workaround when I want to reindex I execute the command ‘reload app without saving’. When the app starts, it reindexes automatically.