Proposed workflow for private and work-related notes

What I’m trying to do

I have three types of notes: private, generic and work. I also have two PCs:

  • Private PC - should only have access to generic and private notes,
  • Work PC - should only have access to generic and work notes.

The problem is sharing the generic notes between two PCs. It’d be great if all the Obsidian features like previewing, links, graph, etc. would work on both setups.

Things I have tried

I could make three separate vaults (one for each type of notes), but linking between vaults doesn’t work good.

I could make two vaults (one for each PC) and manually copy the generic notes, but that would quickly become cumbersome.

Is there a better way to organize this?

I would recommend to try this:

  1. Set up a vault with your three folders (work, private, generic) and put your notes in the appropriate folder
  2. Set up a git repository in this folder and use it to commit/sync your notes between your two computers
  3. Make a partial clone with only two of the three folders on each of your computer

I think that solves your point in terms of usage, but in terms of security, keep in mind that your partial clone could technically be converted to a full clone, so the notes hidden by the partial clone are not totally inaccessible from this machine.

I’ve also thought about it, but yes, this is insecure. I cannot have work related notes leaked into private PC.

You can actually set up a git repo only in “generic” folder and sync only it. Or make it a submodule, if you want to be able to backup other stuff too.

Personally I wouldn’t want to log into anything of my own on a work computer (employer could legitimately log your keystrokes or rogue employee could illegitimately do it), which rules out any kind of sync. If you have a smartphone and can use it at work, I’d use that for generic. With generic not on the work PC, it can be in the same vault as private if you like.

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