Property name truncated

When displaying properties, some property names are truncated. Is there a way to control the display width for the property name?

You can adjust the width with a CSS snippet.


Thanks a lot!

That works great for me with properties on desktop, but didn’t seem to work for me on the properties view on mobile. I didn’t see any notes in the docs for the css variable not being supported for mobile apps.

Most of the time CSS snippets work fine on both desktop and mobile, but in this case it’s not. Possibly because of the UI differences (phone, portrait, landscape, etc.) the default CSS is written a bit differently for mobile here?

Give this a try. 20em is a bit excessive in portrait orientation. All name, no value. :sweat_smile:

.is-mobile { 
    --metadata-label-width: 12em; 
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The mobile css worked great! Thank you for the help. And yeah 12 em is definitely more mobile friendly :smile:

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