Properties / YAML not showing if there is an empty line on top

Hi there,

first of all, is there a way to disable the new properties feature in the live preview? I just wanna have my old YAML back! Sure it looks nice and all, but the new UI is not serving me well.

Since the update 1.4.0 some notes correctly display the new property feature, however many notes neither render the properties view, nor show the accompanying YAML.
The file itself contains the YAML and it is recognised by dataview, but is is not rendered in the editor in any way, the first lines are just not displayed at all.
(see screenshot).

Therefore there is no way for me to change the metadata of those files (except if I switch to source mode which I really dont wanna do).
Since this behaviour is occuring on half my vault (~1200 notes), I am a little bit frustrated right now.

I appreciate some help, as how to fix my problem, my vault is not really usable right now, which is a disaster for me, since I do EVERYTHING in obsidian.

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If you choose to install the insider builds, it’s best to follow along here or on Discord with what’s going on.

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Can you attach a copy of file that is not working?

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Thank you for pointing that out, you are totally right.
This is my first “bug report” and I didnt knew where to post this exactly, next time I’ll stick with Discord when it comes to insider builds. I am just not so good in keeping up / finding the relevant topics in discord as it is in the forum here. Sorry.

In the meantime I stumbled upon the problem. (Typical, I was messing with that error for the whole weekend and found the source just after posting here).

So apparently this happens with files, where there is an empty line before the three dashes indicating the YAML.

So the question is, will there be a fix so the properties feature will ignore an empty first line
or shall I find an solution on how to get rid of an empty first line within half my notes?

If its the second one, do you have a direction in which you could point me?

Thank you for your help, I really appreciate it!

Sure, here you go.

Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance).md (653 Bytes)

(this is an old messy note, dont judge. I chose this one since there is no private stuff on it )

I do believe it’s a requirement that the YAML should have the first line of dashes without any empty lines ahead of it. If dataview accepts that, I’d rather say that is a bug within that plugin, instead of the other way around.

I agree with this.

we will fix the text disappearing but it wont be recognized as yaml.

will be fixed in 1.4.6. It won’t be possible to have empty lines (before YAML) going forward.

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