Properties lists type cut off

First of all this template is way too complicated and is guaranteed to reduce the amount of bug reports to virtually zero because nobody in their right mind has the time to go through all of that when making a simple bug report. If you can’t deduce the expected and actual result from a simple sentence I’m not sure how to help you. Yes I tried the troubleshooting guide and tried in the sandbox vault.

Now for the actual bug report, the list type of properties doesn’t actually display as a list and just cuts off when you add more than a few things.

See e.g.

That list right there has an entire row of more items above it but they are all hidden because the list field doesn’t display more than one line.

Kind of defeats the purpose of having a list type if it just acts like a line of text…

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Please complete the bug report template when posting in the Bug reports category. Thanks! Moved to help for now.

When you switch to Source Mode, you’ll find your values ordered in a list. Properties will render them one after the other in a row. It is how the UI works.

I agree that the properties display is fine and doesn’t need to expand lists to several rows because the user can enter source mode by Toggle Live Preview/Source mode. I use cmd + shift + e for this.

This literally defeats the entire purpose of having the properties feature.

No. You can include properties in your search queries. You can use Properties view plugin to add side bar view to show file properties. You can generate search links using Obsidian URI and then include these links to file properties. You can use Add new property command to quickly add properties.

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Some things you could do with DataView before now you can do with Properties Search.
Actually Properties can be considered a first step toward Obsidian’s own Databases function.

Are you able to search number/boolean properties by value? I can only search text properties by value (value search with number/boolean properties doesn’t return any matches).

I do etymology. Numbers are not wanted here.:slight_smile: Actually, I frown on science’s proclivity to mathematize all things (it cannot make sense of).

What I meant, generally is that ["property1"] and 2 can be joined in the search, with e.g. - meaning NOT.

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