Properties: let the user customize the way Dates/Times are displayed (independently from OS)

I am really glad this is being discussed this extensively. The issues mentioned here and some other personally ones are the reason I was not a fan of properties when they were introduced and I have not upgraded to that version.


You sure did the right choice, this is really a pain to use the US way of inputting date. I had my standard ISO like I wanted, and now I’m stuck. Even French would do, but let me define it.

I sure hope this topic gets traction, and it gets fixed, this app is a wonder !


I think 1.3.7 is the desktop version before properties that you can get from github. Because nice as it is, I cannot work with properties.

Yes but now there’s the table update and I can’t give up on that one, I’ll need to way for a fix :confused:

Yeah, I don’t use markdown tables so I’m not fascinated by the update. Dataview makes all my tables

It is frustrating to discover that such a simple thing is not changeable. Implementing a simple setting for this should not be very difficult.

I always hate this “it will automatically detect” stuff. I use my phone in English. Some of the government apps automatically detects the language and switches to English but I do not want them to. Just have a simple drop down box, that is what I mean. I am not complaining about Obsidian by the way, just the whole world.


I’ve now just run into this - further complicated by the fact that KDE in Linux does not allow setting ISO format without changing the Locale - which is idiotic. Someone suggested some sort of composite “date-time” property that somehow replicates what it should be by default. The problem there I suspect is that various plugin functions like dataview are expecting certain formats and it may be a pain to get them to work with custom properties.

EVERYTHING INVOLVING FORMATS SHOULD BE USER SELECTABLE! You’d think system designers would figure that out by now…but N-O-O-O-O-O…

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Workaround to get at least DD/MM/YYYY for Windows people wanting to keep English as their default view language:
Switch from English (US) → English (United Kingdom)

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