Properties in default paths for new notes and ctrl+click to create directories in path

Use case or problem

In the settings for New Notes Path I would like to be able to set a property - such as notes/{YYYY}/{MM}/{DD} which, depending on the day, would resolve into the following path: notes/2021/02/11. If this directory path DOES NOT EXIST then I would like it to be created. This is RELATED to the need when ctrl-clicking on notes to allow the path to be created - so if I type [[/notes/2021/02/test_note]] in the editor and the path doesn't exist, create it. I think this function is needed. I realize these are TWO requests, but they are closely linked. This functionality would entice some of us who are driven by the hierarchy in our thinking and our notes.

Proposed solution

Allow new note path - for regular notes and daily notes - to have properties such as notes/{YYYY}/{MM}/{DD} which would resolve to notes/2021/02/11. Allow ctrl+click on notes in the editor that are of the form [[/notes/2021/02/test_note]] to have the appropriate directories created if they don't exist during the creation of the note.

Current workaround (optional)

I don't have one. I suppose I would manually create the directory structures and periodically move the notes manually.

Related feature requests (optional)